Intel XeSS Upscaling Tech Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon: Dolmen to Launch Without it on 20th May

Intel’s XeSS upscaling technology won’t be landing anytime soon as was stated a while back by the developers of Dolmen, an upcoming Souls-Like game. The chipmaker has once again reiterated that its AI-based upsampler will be available “this summer” alongside the Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards. Dolmen will launch on the 20th of May without XeSS and will be patched in later on. (buy modafinil online germany)

We are writing to inform you that both in the interview with the Dolmen developer published by WCCFTech and in the official Dolmen Twitter profile , it has been specified and corrected that Intel XeSS will be available “this summer” and not on May 20.

Intel to ElChapuzasInformatico

In an email to Spanish outlet ElChapuzasInformatico, Intel clarified that XeSS will launch alongside the mainline Arc GPUs later this summer.

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