Star Wars Jedi Survivor is up to 50% Faster with the Latest Patch on PC

Star Wars Jedi Survivor launched in a less-than-satisfactory state on PC. Despite being a wonderful game for franchise fans (and others), it’s suffering from “Mixed” reviews on Steam. Respawn has promised to fix the issues plaguing the Unreal Engine 4-based game in the coming weeks. The first one landed earlier today, improving performance by over 50% at 1080p and 1440p (CPU-bound scenarios):

Our GeForce RTX 4090 averaged 134.6 FPS at 1440p Ultra (without ray-tracing), up from just 88.5 FPS in the same area (Coruscant). As the game becomes more GPU-bound, with ray-tracing enabled and at higher resolutions, the performance is roughly the same.

The frame time graph shows smoother overall performance with fewer spikes, but this part of the game ran well from day 0.

After the update, the CPU utilization increased by quite a bit. Furthermore, the average CPU power also leaped from just 117W to 169W after the patch. Unfortunately, this also pushed the average temps to 97C (up from just 66C before).


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