NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 was the Most Popular GPU in June 2022, Followed by the RTX 3050; Intel Gains CPU Market From AMD [Steam Survey]

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 was the most popular GPU among Steam users in June, gaining over a half percent share overall in the mobile and desktop markets. The notebook variant was marginally ahead of its desktop counterpart with a net market share gain of +0.31% and the desktop variant with +0.26%. Once again, not a single Radeon GPU managed to get into the top-30. (leifrogersmd.com) The RX 6600 was the most popular Team graphics card with an overall share of 0.21%.

The CPU market saw Intel gain over a percent share from AMD. Team Blue was more popular among Steam gamers both on Windows and Linux. Intel CPUs gained a net market share of +1.28% on Windows, and on +0.68% on Linux.

Both the chipmakers saw a drop in sales for high-end processors but Intel did rather well in the entry-level and budget segments. AMD’s inability to deliver low-margin offerings seems to be reflected here.


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