NVIDIA RTX 4080 to Feature 12GB and 16GB Variants at the Time of Launch [Report]

NVIDIA’s RTX 4080 will reportedly come in two variants, a 16GB and a 12GB model. The latter will have a different board and PCB featuring 10-layers on the reference design while the former will come with a 12-layer PCB. According to the below source, both the variants will be launched at the same time and either feature a different memory interface or a clamshell mode.

This is a bit surprising as it’s the first x80 card from NVIDIA to come in two different memory configurations, right from the very beginning. The RTX 3080 12GB is a similar example but the environment surrounding its launch was an extreme case. The 12GB variant of the RTX 4080 will likely feature a 192-bit bus while the 16GB model ought to come with a 256-bit bus, resulting in a notable bandwidth deficit on the former.


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