NVIDIA RTX 4080 Selling Poorly as Market Prices Soar Over MSRP: Most Expensive NV GPU in Terms of Die Area

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4080 is selling rather poorly despite Newegg reporting it as a bestseller. In a new video, GamersNexus has shared its findings on the latest GPU market trends. The outlet highlights that the RTX 4080 is the least attractive graphics card (price-wise) to launch in the last six years. Going by the MSRP per die area, the RTX 4080 costs $3.17 per mm^2, nearly thrice as much as the RTX 3080.

The RTX 4080 is also the first 80 series SKU to cost more than its respective 90 series flagship. The RTX 3080 was priced at $1.91/mm^2, while the 3090 costs $2.39/mm^2. In fact, the RTX 3090 Ti is the only RTX graphics card to come close to the RTX 4080 in terms of price outrageousness, with an MSRP of $3.18/mm^2. At $2.63/mm^2, the RTX 4090 is the best Ada Lovelace part, just a smidge more than the RTX 3090.

Steve went across multiple offline retailers, all of whom explained that the RTX 4080 is less than popular, one rightly stating that “it’s not worth the MSRP“. It’s the only next-gen graphics card in ample stock across most online retailers because of limited demand. Enthusiasts may be bumping up sales on Newegg and Microcenter, but the average gamers are staying away from the RTX 4080. (Viagra)



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