NVIDIA Next-Gen RTX Titan Heatsink Spotted: Canceled for Crossing Safe Specifications [Rumor]

The images of the (heatsink) of the now-canceled GeForce RTX Titan based on the Ada Lovelace architecture have hit the web. It’s hard to say whether it’s the real thing, considering just how fat it is (quad-slot?), but after seeing the RTX 4090, you never know. The shots shared over at the Chiphell forums (via: HXL) feature a massive aluminum heatsink and shroud.

The heatsink design is identical to the RTX 4090 Founders Edition, except it is fully metallic with a dense frustum and two opposing fans. It’s worth noting that the Ada Founder Edition is engineered for loads of over 650W, so it could just be its larger variant.

With that said, even an Ada Lovelace-based RTX Titan wouldn’t draw over 600W of power under full load; therefore, the RTX 4090 FE heatsink would be sufficient.

According to rumors, the Titan was scrapped for drawing excessive power and melting reference PCBs. I don’t buy that, but it looks like we won’t be seeing it anytime soon. (alprazolam)



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