Intel Roadmap: 15th Gen Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and a Late 2023 Raptor Lake Refresh

Intel’s roadmap has often slipped in the last decade or so. The Xeon server lineups are running an entire generation late, while the client offerings are composed of more refreshes than new releases. The 13th Gen Raptor Lake family is technically an Alder Lake Refresh with more cores and cache. The 14th Gen desktop offerings will be yet another refresh but without any significant changes to the specifications.

The 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh doesn’t appear on many official roadmaps. Intel mostly represents the generation with Meteor Lake, even though it will be limited to premium notebooks. Desktop processors and budget mobility chips will be based on Raptor Lake with mild increments to boost clocks. Expect low single-digit gains in most cases.

The 15th Gen Arrow Lake family is slated to land in the second half of 2024. It will bring Intel’s next-generation P and E core architectures to the desktop platform with core counts of up to 24 and more. Arrow Lake is supposed to be a 20A (2nm) product, but chances are that it will be downgraded to the Intel 3 (3nm) node. Nothing is certain at the moment.

According to rumors, the 15th Gen Core mobile (Core 2nd Gen) processors will be a Meteor Lake-P refresh, while the Ultra series may be fabbed on TSMC’s 3nm process to relieve 20A capacity woes. And then there’s Lunar Lake. This is supposed to be the lineup that puts Intel back in the lead with its 18A node.

Not much is known about Lunar Lake besides that it’ll leverage an advanced chiplet architecture with Foveros 3D stacking. It’s a mobile-first architecture designed from the ground up for all-day battery life and extreme power efficiency. And there’s a chance that it may see a delayed launch on the desktop platform.

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