Intel Reaffirms Arc 2nd Gen Battlemage GPU Launch in 2023-24, 3rd Gen Celestial in 2024+

Intel AXG lead Raja Koduri has reaffirmed the chipmaker’s GPU roadmap, stating that the 2nd Gen Arc Battlemage GPUs are on track for a 2023-2024 launch. The succeeding 3rd Gen Celestial lineup is slated for release post-2024 without a fixed launch window. The recent rumors also stated that Celestial was the Arc family in limbo.

The 1st Gen Arc Alchemist GPUs are well behind their original launch schedule, with the midrange and high-end parts yet to hit retail. These are standard monolithic dies aimed at the entry-level and midrange segments. ( Battlemage and Celestial are set to be tiled (chiplet) designs targeting the top-end GeForce and Radeon parts, but I wouldn’t be so sure about their release windows.

Whether the future Arc generations materialize really depends on how Alchemist and Battlemage perform in the coming years. Going by various sources, there’s no certainty on how things will turn out; for the time being, it’s just a game of wait-and-watch.


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