AMD’s Overall GPU Market Share Drops by 8.5%, Intel Gains 10.3% Market Share in Q3 2022

The discrete graphics card market has been in tatters since the fall of cryptocurrency mining. Chipmakers have been struggling with falling revenues and shrinking demand for several quarters now. Year-on-year GPU shipments, including iGPU, dGPU, and APUs, have decreased by -25.1%. Desktop graphics cards saw a drop of -15.43% while notebooks plummeted by -30%, the largest drop in over a decade.

AMD bore the brunt of it as its market share decreased by -8.5% YoY in Q3 2022. Intel gained 10.3%, while NVIDIA’s share shrunk by a minor -1.87%. It’s important to remember that these figures the overall GPU market rather than just the discrete graphics segment. The desktop graphics card attach rate decreased by a substantial -33.5% compared to the previous quarter. In contrast, the CPU market contracted a mild -5.7% QoQ and -18.6% YoY last quarter.

Source: JonPeddie


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