AMD Radeon RX 8700 XT & RX 8600 XT “RDNA 4” Specs: Navi 48 and Navi 44 GPUs

AMD’s next-gen Radeon RX 8000 series GPUs are expected to land this fall, with a possible Compuex reveal in June. The Radeon RX 8900 XTX, leveraging the Navi 41 core was scrapped earlier this year or the last. Navi 42/43 (if it even existed) was also shelved as AMD decided to delay its chiplet GPU efforts to a future architecture. This leaves Navi 44 and Navi 48 as the only remaining RDNA 4 GPUs. They are expected to power the Radeon RX 8700 XT and the 8600 XT, respectively.

AMD Radeon RX 8700 XT (Navi 48)

The Navi 48 GPU expected to power the Radeon RX 8700 XT is twice as big as the Navi 33. It features twice the same shader count, render backends, bus width, and cache. It will be paired with 16GB of GDDR6 memory via a 256-bit bus. You can expect considerable improvements to the ray-tracing pipeline, power efficiency, and matrix throughput.

  • GPU: Navi 48.
  • Process Node: TSMC N4P (4nm).
  • Shader Engines: 4.
  • Shader Arrays: 8.
  • Work Group Processor/Dual Compute Units: 32.
  • Compute Units: 64.
  • RT Cores: 64?
  • Shaders/Cores/Stream Processors: 4096.
  • L3 Cache: 64MB?
  • ROPs/RB+: 128.
  • TMUs: ?
  • Bus width: 256-bit.
  • Die: ~240 mm².

AMD Radeon RX 8600 XT (Navi 44)

Navi 44 is similar to Navi 33. It is expected to power the RX 8600 XT and features 32 Compute Units and 2048 stream processors across four shader arrays and two shader engines. It has a memory bus width of 128-bit and 64 render backends. Like Navi 48, Navi 44 will be fabbed on TSMC’s N4P process node.

  • GPU: Navi 44.
  • Process Node: TSMC N4P (4nm).
  • Shader Engines: 2.
  • Shader Arrays: 4.
  • Work Group Processor/Dual Compute Units: 16.
  • Compute Units: 32.
  • RT Cores: 32?
  • Shaders/Cores/Stream Processors: 2048.
  • L3 Cache: 32MB?
  • ROPs/RB+: 64.
  • TMUs:?
  • Bus width: 128-bit.
  • Die: ~130 mm².

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