AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Reduces Performance by up to 33% on APUs

AMD’s graphics driver team is going through a rough patch. After failing to run Rachet and Clank with ray-tracing, Team Red released a broken “certified” driver. The Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 23.7.2 WHQL was taken down as it drastically worsened performance on iGPUs while also disrupting connected I/O devices.

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The Radeon 780M is the most powerful iGPU found on the Ryzen 7000 “Phoenix” mobile processors. After installing this particular driver, it experienced a drop of 33%, falling to Radeon 760 levels of performance. Consequently, a lot of handheld consoles using the 780M were also affected. Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition went from 33 FPS to just 22 FPS following the update.

In addition to performance reductions, several I/O devices also stopped working after the update was installed. External devices like sound cards, fingerprint readers, and even Xbox controllers completely stopped working after the driver was installed.

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Luckily, AMD was quick to take down the driver and provide users with a hotfix. It’s worth noting that these drivers stay in “Beta” for several days before being rolled out as WHQL.

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