AMD Plans to Launch Ryzen 8000 “Zen 5” CPUs in 2024

AMD has reiterated its CPU roadmap with plans to launch its next-gen Zen 5 core architecture in 2024. Fabbed on TSMC’s 4nm/3nm process node, it’ll feature a substantially upgraded microarchitecture, boasting an upgraded front end and a wider issue. Leveraging the Xilinx acquisition, we’ll also see the addition of AI and machine learning optimizations.

Source: @Harukaze

Intel’s Golden Cove core made similar changes to the front end, adding a 6-way decoder and a 512-entry reorder buffer. The backend ports were also expanded to 12, with five execution ports and 7 load/store ports. We can expect AMD to take a similar route with the front end with upgrades to the ROB and memory subsystem.

Earlier today, Gigabyte released a press release claiming that AMD will launch its next-gen Ryzen lineup later this year. While this is highly improbable, we may see an APU launch or a soft refresh to tackle Intel’s Raptor Lake-S refresh. Either way, don’t expect Zen 5 anytime before mid-2024.


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