AMD Allegedly Working on a Ryzen 7000 Refresh, Launching in H2 2023

AMD may release a refresh of its Ryzen 7000 processors this fall to counter the upcoming Intel Raptor Lake-S rebrand. The hint comes from a Gigabyte press release announcing the launch of a Ryzen-based platform for entry-level servers. The four chips are based on the Ryzen 5 7600X, Ryzen 7 7700X, Ryzen 9 7900X, and 7950X with a TDP of 105W and 170W.

Of the four new 1U GIGABYTE servers, the E133-C10 is a short-depth edge server, whereas the R133-C10, R133-C11, and R133-C13 are traditional rack servers. This spectrum of entry-level servers allows for excellent price points to be reached, with each model having its unique advantage, whether the need for dual 10GbE ports or support for a dual-slot GPU. On the more budget-friendly side are the E133-C10 and R133-C10 servers which are very similar and have been designed to support an AMD Ryzen 7000 “Zen 4” series processor up to 105W TDP.

Conversely, the R133-C11 and R133-C13 have additional support for the full spectrum of processors up to 170W TDP and a power delivery system for a discrete GPU for 3D modeling, machine learning, VDI, and more. Last, each server comes with an 80+ Platinum-rated power supply, and buyers can talk to our sales if they prefer an 80+ Titanium unit. Because this is a low-power server, it will surely be deployed in homes, offices, and colocation centers.

Even though these new products are entry-level servers, CPU support does not end here and the AM5 platform is supported until at least 2025. The next generation of AMD Ryzen desktop processors that will come out later this year will also be supported on this AM5 platform, so customers who purchase these servers today have the opportunity to upgrade to the Ryzen 7000 series successor.


Gigabyte claims that AMD will launch the next generation of Ryzen processors later this year with support for some of the more advanced capabilities of the AM5 platform. It is expected to be supported till at least 2025, indicating compatibility for at least two more generations of the Zen architecture. Zen 5 is expected to launch in late 2024, so the Fall release is almost certainly a refresh of Zen 4, targeting the Raptor Lake-S refresh also landing in the same quarter.


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