AMD FSR 3.0 is Still in Development: Still too Early to Share Details, No Launch in Sight

GDC 2023 came and went, and AMD has not provided substantial details on its next-gen FSR 3.0 upscaling tech. In a session today, the chipmaker summarised its FSR journey with plans for the future. Unfortunately, the development of FSR 3.0 is still midway, and it will be a while before Team Red shares the finalized blueprint. What we know for sure is that it’ll feature inter-frame interpolation via Fluid Motion technology.

The good news is that FSR 3.0 will also be open source, boosting performance by nearly three to four times. The bad news is that it’ll probably be till the end of the year before we see FSR 3.0 in action. By then, NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 will already have at least a hundred games in its kitty.

AMD is facing the same challenges as NVIDIA with FSR 3.0. The primary being the need for advanced motion vectors, as 2D screen space motion vectors aren’t suitable for frame interpolation. Furthermore, the postprocessing must also be interpolated (unlike FSR 2.0).

NVIDIA uses its optical flow processor to calculate the advanced optical flow data to solve the motion vector problem. Seeing how AMD solves these problems in an open-source framework will be interesting. The timeline of release will be more crucial than most people realize. We already have many DLSS 3 titles where the next-gen upscaler is crucial for optimum performance.


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