AMD Bergamo CPU w/ 128 Zen 4D Cores Coming in Q2 2023, 3nm Zen 5 in Q4 2023

AMD will be launching its Zen 4 Dense (4D) cores with its cloud-oriented Bergamo processors sometime in the second quarter of 2023. This was shared by MLID a few days back in a leak. According to the YouTuber, Zen 4D is a fork of Zen 4 with a redesigned memory sub-system, reduced instructions, and lower clock speeds for improved power efficiency. These cores will be arranged in 16-core CCDs or chiplets. Like Zen 4, Zen 4D will be fabbed on TSMC’s 5nm EUV node and launched with the 128-core Bergamo cloud processors in Q2 2023.

Zen 4D will also be used alongside Zen 5 as the little or efficiency cores. As per MLID, Zen 5 will be the largest performance jump in the Ryzen family since Zen 2. With a launch slated for the last quarter of 2023 (11-14 months after Zen 4), Zen 5 will reportedly bring an IPC boost of 20-40% over Zen 4. The next to next-gen Ryzen processors will feature up to 8 Zen 5 cores and 16 Zen 4D cores across 2-3 CCDs. This will be AMD’s response to Intel’s Alder Lake processors.

Source: MLID


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