Xiaomi Prepping OLED Gaming TVs w/ NVIDIA G-Sync, Reveal on 10th August

Xiaomi has teased the launch of an upcoming OLED TV aimed at gamers on its Weibo account. The Chinese company has been making TVs for several years now, with most of them failing to match up to the quality offered by LG, Samsung, and Sony. ( An OLED device was also launched last year for an insane price of around $6,000, but the hefty price tag made it more or less obsolete.

The teaser points to an announcement on the 10th of August, but very little info has been provided. What we know for sure is that it’ll be meant for gamers with support for NVIDIA G-Sync, and most likely a 4K 120 Hz panel, making it ideal for use with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Considering that HDMI 2.0b is limited to 4K 60Hz, this particular display (if it supports 120Hz) should support HDMI 2.1. There’s no word on the brightness and color gamut, but I’d say we’re looking at an HDR600+, making it one of the more expensive options on the market.


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