Star Wars Jedi Survivor Performance: FSR Not Working, RTX 4090 Nets 68 FPS @ 4K Native Ray Tracing

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out on all major consoles, including PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. Based on the latest iteration of the Frostbite Engine, it leverages DX12 Ray Tracing and AMD’s FSR 2 upscaling tech. Unfortunately, the latter doesn’t work. Toggling the FSR 2 switch improves the performance by 15-20%, while changing the quality presets doesn’t affect the frame rates.

Although the frame times are better with FSR turned on, changing the quality preset doesn’t affect the numbers at all. Below, you can see that the frame times are more consistent with FSR 2 enabled, but switching between the quality presets changes nothing.

It’s worth noting that enabling ray-tracing has a minimal (~10%) impact on performance but makes the frame times worse, as shown in the graph below:

Changing the resolution to 1440p reproduces the same results with ray-tracing, reducing the frame rate by just over 10%. Unfortunately, FSR 2 doesn’t improve the performance in this case.

Here are some comparisons of 4K Native and FSR Balanced (Click to enlarge). Remember that it’s broken and appears to be a simple sharpening filter. Some or most parts of the FSR 2 pass are missing.

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