Phil Spencer Praises God of War Director for Taking Responsibility for Delay and Defending Team

PlayStation fans didn’t take the delay in the launch of the next God of War game too well. Many were seen verbally abusing team members on social media, but the game director (Cory Barlog) wouldn’t have any of it. Quoting some of the more heinous texts, he discouraged fans from resorting to such childish measures and took full responsibility for the delay and more.

Praising his team, he claimed that everyone at the studio is there because they are exceptional at their job, and if there’s anyone responsible for the delay and other shortcomings of their games, it’s him alone. Xbox Head, Phil Spencer was quick to respond to this, commending him for defending his team. He said that Barlog is a good example of a true leader in a show of camaraderie. The former simply replied by thanking him (“Thank you, my friend.”).

Amid bitter, toxic arguments in the gaming community, it’s really refreshing to see such shows of honesty. Makes up or at the very least cancels some of the negativity.

Areej Syed

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