NVIDIA RTX 4090 Nearly 2x Faster than the RTX 3090 in Content Creation Rendering Workloads [Blender]

The GeForce RTX 4090 just received CUDA support, and with that, we’re seeing the first proper set of compute benchmarks leveraging the same. The Ada flagship has landed at the top of the Blender database, scoring an impressive 11,873 points, making the RTX 3090 look somewhat redundant. With a benchmark score of 5,952 points, the latter is barely half as fast as its successor in rendering still 3D scenes.

Via: Blender Open Data

This makes the RTX 4090 an extremely appealing option for game developers and content creators who hate long rendering times more than anything. It’s worth noting that DLSS and Tensor cores don’t mean anything here, unlike gaming. Here, the sheer ALU or core counts, along with the cache and clocks, determine how fast a GPU will be.


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