NVIDIA RTX 3090 Gets 30% Discount on MSRP: Now Available for just $1,049 (Down From $1,499)

NVIDIA’s top-end GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards have gotten a steep price cut of $450, bringing down their market price to a more digestible $1,049. MSI is selling multiple SKUs for just a thousand dollars, including the Gaming X Tri and the Ventus 3X. The former has been temporarily discounted to $1,139.99 ($1,089.99 if you include the $50 rebate) while the latter can be had for $,1049 if you factor in both the discount and rebate.


Both these cards come with the GeForce RTX Bethesda Game Bundle which includes multiple titles with support for ray-tracing and DLSS.


This is the lowest price we’ve seen the RTX 3090 go for. With an original launch price of $1,499 and a market value of over $2,000 during the initial days, the top-end Ampere SKU first dropped to $1,299 and now to $,1049.


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