NVIDIA Overtakes Samsung to Become Second Largest Chipmaker in Terms of Market Cap

NVIDIA has outmaneuvered Samsung to become the second-largest semiconductor company in terms of market capitalization after TSMC. The latter has surpassed the $US600 billion market cap to retain the #1 spot, while NVIDIA managed to one-up Samsung to snatch the #2, pushing the Korean company to the third spot for the very first time.

This is despite the fact that Samsung very recently managed to displace Intel as the world‘s largest chipmaker in terms of revenue. Its performance in the stock market hasn’t been very satisfactory, losing 2 points in the last six months, essentially staying flat in terms of market value. NVIDIA, on the other hand, has been one of the fastest-growing chipmakers both in terms of revenue as well as market value.

TSMC has also exhibited remarkable growth, becoming the world’s premier foundries in the last decade. The Taiwanese foundry’s market cap was under $500 billion near the end of 2020, but since has grown to a whopping $615.8 billion, an increase of 124% over the last year. This makes it the largest Asian company in terms of market cap, beating Alibaba and Tencent.

Source: BK


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