Nintendo Switch Pro to Support 720p 120 FPS in Portable Mode; 1440p 30 FPS in Docked Mode [Rumor]

According to the latest rumors coming out of Taiwan, the Nintendo Switch Pro will run at a resolution of 720p 120 FPS in portable mode, with docked mode optimized for 1440p 30 FPS. The GPU will be based on NVIDIA’s latest graphics architecture (Ampere or the upcoming Lovelace?), fabbed on TSMC’s 7nm class node with the chipset potentially leveraging a Samsung node.

The GPU core will supposedly run at around 1 GHz (base clock) while the vanilla Switch runs at 768 MHz. Quite frankly, this sounds a bit underwhelming as the latter is based on a fairly dated process. TSMC’s 7nm/6nm nodes should be capable of much higher frequencies.

It’s unclear whether the SKU will come with NVIDIA’s RTCores for ray-tracing but support for DLSS is almost confirmed which means we’ll see Tensor cores on-die. Third-party developers have reportedly already received dev-kits for the new console.

Nintendo has been supposedly trying to sign a more attractive deal with AMD for its Switch Pro console instead of NVIDIA but eventually decided to opt for NVIDIA’s designs. Lastly, it’s expected that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for the Switch will be launched alongside the Switch Pro in the latter half of this year.



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