Next-Gen Intel Arc “Battlemage” GPUs up to 2x Faster than the A770: RTX 4070/4070 Ti Performance [Rumor]

A report from RedGamingTech indicates that Intel’s next-gen Arc “Battlemage” GPUs will offer substantially higher gaming performance than their Alchemist predecessors. We’re talking about exponential gains ranging from 80% to over 100%. The top-end Battlemage SKU (B770?) will feature 64 Xe cores, translating to 1,024 vector units or 8,192 shaders (ALUs).

The raw compute capabilities of the next-gen Battlemage flagship are twice as much as the A770. Add a node shrink (6nm to 4nm TSMC), a larger cache, and boost clocks exceeding 3GHz, and you’ve got a graphics card that should consistently offer double the performance as its predecessor.

A refresh of the first-gen Alchemist GPUs is expected in the year’s third quarter. The base specifications should remain the same with the operating clocks getting a healthy upgrade. The second-gen Battlemage lineup is planned for the second quarter of 2024. Interestingly, the TBPs of the high-end parts are the same as the existing Arc parts.

Source: RedGamingTech.


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