MSI Releases fTPM Fix for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs in Latest BIOS Update for X570 Boards

MSI just released a major BIOS update for its MEG X570 lineup of motherboards that not only adds enhanced support for the newly launched Ryzen 7 5800X3D but also fixes the much-reported fTPM bug. The update released as part of the AGESA microcode is now available on the MEG Godlike, Ace, Ace Max, and Unify-X variants of the X570 and X570S range. You can download the BIOS from the links in the table below:

MotherboardBIOS Version
MEG X570 GODLIKE1H1 (Download Link)
MEG X570S ACE MAX141 (Download Link)
MEG X570 ACE1I1 (Download Link)
MEG X570S UNIFY-X MAX132 (Download Link)

The fTPM bug commonly causes stuttering and audio crackling issues across a variety of systems. These performance issues, most notably stutters and freezes in newer games are the result of the latency induced by the handshake between Windows and the fTPM embedded in the firmware. It’s worth remembering that fTPM doesn’t leverage a dedicated chip, but rather offloads the job to a firmware implementation of the same on the SPI flash EEPROM module.

Other than straight-up disabling the feature, one of the most obvious workarounds is to switch from fTPM to a dedicated (dTPM) module. There are several listings on Amazon and eBay selling TPM 2.0 modules. Be absolutely sure to disable Bitlocker before switching between fTPM and dTPM, if you have it enabled.

AMD had promised to roll out the fTPM fix through May and seems to have delivered. With the update for the flagship offerings already out and about, the rest of the boards should also get it in the coming weeks.

Via: WCCFTech


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