Microsoft Flight Simulator to Target 30 FPS on Xbox Series X|S Consoles

Microsoft’s much acclaimed Flight Simulator is coming to the Series X|S consoles late next month after a successful release on PC last year. However, the company hasn’t said much about the target resolution or frame rates on the next-gen Xbox consoles, with the exception of this one tweet. Turns out that the game will run at a base frame rate of 30 FPS with TVs supporting variable screen refresh rate (VRR) capable of slightly higher frame rates.

There’s still no word on the target resolution, but we’re assuming that the Series X will run at 4K with the Series S being limited to 1080p. It’s possible that MS will leverage an upscaling technique to push the resolution up from 1440p to 2160p (4K) considering how taxing the game is on PC, but that remains to be seen. Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on the Xbox Series consoles on July 27th.


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