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Micron Unveils 7400 Series Enterprise NVMe Drives: Up to 6,600 MB/s Seq. Read Speeds and 7.68 TB Capacity

Micron has announced its 7400 series SSDs for data centers and servers. The drives come in various form factors from M.2 to U.3m and E1.S, with all of them leveraging the PCIe Gen 4 bus. There are two primary variants of the 7400 series: PRO and MAX. The former is meant for read-intensive workloads with a 1 drive write per day rating. The latter is meant for mixed read-write workloads, with a 3 drive writes per day rating. Overall, the MAX series has a much higher endurance rating compared to the PRO lineup.

The read/write speeds vary from platform to platform, with the M.2 line getting relatively slower drives with peak sequential reads of up to 4,400 MB/s and writes of just 2,200 MB/s. The random read IOPS are also cut from up to a million on the U.3 to 650K on the M.2 lineup. The writes are down to 105K IOPS from 190K on the U.3. Furthermore, the M.2 drives are offered in capacities from 480 GB to 3.84 TB for the PRO and 400 GB to 3.2 TB for the MAX series. While the read speeds are identical across the two, the latter comes with better random write speeds.

Micron’s 7400 SSD series is based on 96-layer 3D TLC NAND cells, and all the drives come with a five year warranty. They have an MTTF rating of 2 million hours and a TDP of 8.25W for the M.2, 12W for the E1.S, and 22W for the U.3 drives.


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