Intel’s Revenue From China/Taiwan Increased for a 3rd Consecutive Year to 43% Overall; US Revenue Dropped by Over $3,500 Million

Intel’s revenue demographics have been stretching more and more towards the East Asian markets. The chipmaker’s China revenue grew for a third consecutive year to $21,141 million, from $20,257 million the previous year. Taiwan saw similar trends, increasing Intel’s regional revenue by over 30% from $10,058 million in 2020 to $13,461 million in 2021.

Via: Dylan Martin

Meanwhile, the United States saw a drop of over $2,000 in Intel’s regional revenue, falling from $16,573 million in 2020 to $14,107 million in 2021. Overall, Intel’s yearly revenue saw a marginal growth of $1,157 million, from $77,867 million in 2022 to $79,024 million in 2021.

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