Intel’s Core i7-12700K is Selling for Just $230, the Same as the Ryzen 5 5600X on Newegg

Intel’s Core i7-12700K has dropped to a mouth-watering price of just $230 on Newegg. This is the second time the 12-core Alder Lake chip is selling around the $200 mark at the etailer. A while back, it was available for $188 while the 12600K was going for $137. This time, however, it’s only the former that had dipped that far below its MSRP while the latter is on a modest $5 discount.


Like last time, the discounted Core i7-12700K is from a Chinese seller but considering that it’s covered by Newegg’s buyer protection, it should be fairly safe. We already reviewed the Core i7-12700 a while back and found it to be as fast (if not faster) than the Ryzen 9 5900X in gaming workloads. The Core i7-12700K is a 12-core part with 8 performance “Golden Cove” cores and 4 efficiency “Gracemont” cores. It has a base TDP of 125W and a boost of 241W. The chip incorporates an L3 cache of 25MB, and comes with support for both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Its core frequencies are as follows:

Base ClockP-core Base Frequency: 3.6 GHz
E-core Base Frequency: 2.7 GHz
Max Boost ClockMax P-core Boost: Up to 5.0 GHz
Single P-core Turbo Frequency: Up to 4.9 GHz
Single E-core Turbo Frequency: Up to 3.8 GHz


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