Intel’s CEO was Paid $178 Million in 2021, AMD’s CEO got $29 Million: Gelsinger Got 24x More than the Average AMD Exec

Pat Gelsinger took over as Intel’s CEO last year with an aim to restore the company to its former glory. In order to do that, he’s being paid a whopping $178 million (in 2021) in total as his annual salary. Gelsinger was paid thrice as much as Bob Swan was in 2020. In comparison, archrival AMD paid its CEO a much more modest $29.5 million last year. However, it’s worth noting that both CEOs received roughly the same (a bit over $1 million) based salary. The only difference is that Intel offered Gelsinger stock awards worth $140 million while Su got just $20 million.

NameSalaryBonusStock AwardsOption AwardsNon-Equity Incentive PayChange In Pension Value, Etc.All Other CompensationTotal
Pat Gelsinger$1,098,500$1,750,000$140,433,000$29,108,400$5,113,900$685,000$401,600$178,590,400
Navin Shenoy$450,800None$8,378,000None$63,200None$2,203,800$11,095,800
George Davis$925,000$1,000,000$6,641,200None$2,315,400None$43,400$10,925,000
Steven Rodgers$850,000None$6,539,000None$2,313,700None$739,900$10,442,600
Gregory Bryant$750,000None$7,662,900None$1,877,100None$142,500$10,432,500
Sandra Rivera$724,400$1,000,000$6,130,200None$1,813,300None$130,200$9,798,100
Bob Swan$156,300NoneNoneNoneNoneNone$449,000$605,300

This means that Gelsinger won’t be getting the bulk of his annual salary anytime soon. Unless Intel’s stock price doubles over the next five years, he won’t be able to cash in his stock awards. The chipmaker’s stocks have been stuck in the late $40s since 2018, and have dropped by nearly 20% since Pat took over as the CEO last year.

On the other hand, Lisa is much more likely to unlock her stock awards as AMD’s stocks have been soaring since she took over as the CEO. Team Red’s stocks have risen by 30% over the last year, breaking the $100 barrier for the first time ever last year.

NameSalaryBonusStock AwardsOption AwardsNon-Equity Incentive PayAll Other CompensationTotal
Lisa Su$1,076,317None$19,929,804$5,161,344$3,190,000$140,642$29,498,107
Mark Papermaster$700,388None$6,233,723$1,614,391$1,400,000$59,929$10,008,431
Darren Grasby$619,565None$4,336,512$1,123,039$1,239,130$19,517$7,337,763
Devinder Kumar$650,385None$3,902,877$1,010,763$1,300,000$14,188$6,878,213
Rick Bergman$612,690None$3,686,059$954,601$1,225,000$14,670$6,493,020

It’s also worth noting that Intel paid its CEO approximately 24x more than the median pay of AMD’s top five execs.

Source: The Register


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