Intel’s Budget B760 Motherboards to Feature PCIe Gen 5 dGPU Slot and x10 PCIe 5.0 Lanes from Chipset

The entire specification sheet of the B760 chipset for budget 13th Gen processors has surfaced. Succeeding the sub-$250 B660 motherboards, these parts will give budget gamers ample options to build an affordable PC. The Core i5-13400 or 13500 plus a B760 board will be a common occurrence. Moving onto the specifications, you can have a look at the I/O and memory features below:

Via: HXL (Twitter)

Apart from PCIe lanes, the most important spec cut comes from the DMI bandwidth. We’re looking at x4 PCIe Gen 4 lanes, down from x8 on the Z790 and H770. Luckily, the board will still include PCIe Gen 5 support across the x16 dGPU slot via the processor. Four PCIe Gen 4 CPU lanes will also be available across the lineup.

The chipset I/O bandwidth will go down from 38 on Z790 and 32 on H770 to 24 on the B760. Similarly, the chipset PCIe Gen 4 lanes have been reduced to 10 and Gen 3 to 4, half as many as the Z790. Overall, you don’t get much more upgrading from a B660 to a B760 motherboard. The PCIe and I/O lanes are roughly the same, and the only difference concerning the chipset is the PCIe Gen 4 vs. Gen 3 ratio.


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