Intel Sapphire Rapids-X Desktop HEDT CPUs Specs Leak Out: 6 to 56 Cores, Chiplet and Monolithic

The specifications of Intel’s entire Sapphire Rapids-X lineup have surfaced. The info dump comes from EnthusiastCitizen (Bilibili), who shared the details of 17 HEDT chips divided into the Xeon W9, W7, W5, and W3 segments. These are the Workstation (W) equivalents of the Core i9, i7, i5, and i3, respectively.

The Xeon W9 lineup sits at the top with up to 56 cores. The Xeon W9-3495X features 56 cores with 105MB of L3, accompanied by the 3475X, which is a 36-core part packing 67.5MB of LLC. Ignoring these two, Intel’s HEDT stack is largely unchanged in terms of core configs.

The Xeon W7 stack consists of five SKUs with 28 and 20 core variants. The W5 family features eight SKUs, ranging from eight-core to sixteen-core models. Finally, the W3 lineup concludes the Fishhawk Falls platform with two hex-core CPUs lacking hyperthreading (SMT).


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