Intel Sapphire Rapids-X CPUs with up to 56 Cores for Workstations to Launch in April 2023 [Rumor]

Intel is prepping the launch of its next-gen Xeon Workstation processors. Based on the same Eagle Stream platform as Sapphire Rapids, we’re looking at a quad-tiled design with a total core count of up to 56. Each disaggregated tile features 20 cores, with one disabled for better yields. Codenamed Fishhawk Falls, it will be an actual threat to AMD’s dominance in the HEDT segment.

According to a report from WCCFTech, Sapphire Rapids-X or Fishhawk Falls will be announced mid-Feb (7th week of 2023), followed by a hard launch sometime on April 23. The chips should hit retail around the same time. It’ll be a big upgrade from Ice Lake-SP which topped out at just 38 cores.

Considering that the 4th Gen Threadripper lineup will feature up to 96 cores and 192 threads, you can be sure that AMD will be back in the performance lead sooner or later. However, Intel can still capitalize on this win with aggressive pricing and ample availability. In the end, it’ll depend on when Team Red decided to launch its next-gen HEDT offerings, and what the pricing scheme will be like.


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