Intel Releases XeSS 1.1: Improved Performance and Higher Image Quality

Intel has released the first update for XeSS, improving image quality and performance by re-training the algorithm. The upscaler is now better suited for dealing with temporal instabilities such as ghosting and blurring. XeSS has also been optimized for integrated GPUs and NVIDIA/AMD hardware via DP4a (low precision) acceleration.

XeSS 1.1 boasts faster execution times of XMX kernels on Arc hardware and quicker DP4a throughput on Intel Xe iGPUs and GeForce/Radeon graphics cards.

Using the Ultra Quality preset, the Arc A770 is now up to 25% faster when running XeSS at 1440p. Similar performance improvements can be observed at lower-quality presets. iGPUs leveraging the DP4a kernels also see a marginal boost on Ice Lake, Tiger Lake, and Alder Lake CPUs.

The latest Game On driver also optimizes Resident Evil 4 for the Arc A series graphics cards with minor performance uplifts for Guardians of the Galaxy, Counter-Strike GO, etc.

Intel Game On Driver support on Intel Arc A-series Graphics for:

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake

Performance optimizations on Intel Arc A-series Graphics for:

  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • D5 Render
  • Blender in Material Preview viewport mode
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive on Intel Arc Graphics for Laptops

Fixed Issues

Intel Arc Graphics Products:

  • Conqueror’s Blade (DX11) may exhibit corruption in benchmark mode.
  • Portal with RTX (Vulkan) may experience application crash when loading to gameplay.

Intel Core Processor Products:

  • Overwatch 2 (DX12) may see lag or freeze while launching the game.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (DX12) may experience application crash during gameplay


  • Using Arc Control Studio capture with AVC codec selected may incorrectly use the HEVC codec.
  • Modifying performance sliders may fail to apply back to their default values. A workaround is to use the “Reset to Defaults” button.


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