Intel Releases Drivers Supporting the Arc A770 and A550M GPUs, Optimizations for Monster Hunter, F1 2022, and Arcadegeddon

Intel has released a new graphics driver adding support for the Arc A770M and the A550M GPUs. These are the higher-end SKUs of the Arc Alchemist mobile family. The Beta Driver for Arc A-Series Graphics also includes game optimizations for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, F1 2022, and Arcadegeddon.

In addition, a new feature called “Advanced Performance Optimizations” has been introduced that fine-tunes the performance of synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark TimeSpy and 3DMark Port Royale.

APO is still in its early stages and should roll out for a wider set of applications including games later on. It (likely) works by raising the power ceiling of the Arc GPUs, allowing for higher clock speeds and better residency. It seems to be Intel’s version of auto-overclocking.

The previous driver added support for the first Arc desktop graphics card, namely the A380 which has now been launched in China. Game On Driver support for Redout 2, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was also added.

Release notes for beta driver


  • Support for Intel Arc A770M and A550M Graphics (Codename Alchemist). 
  • Intel Game On Driver support for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, F1 2022, and Arcadegeddon on Intel Arc A-Series Graphics. 
  • Advanced Performance Optimizations: A new feature now available within Arc Control that allows users to select and enable advanced application optimizations. The initial implementation of the feature only affects 3DMark Timespy and 3DMark Port Royale.  Integrated graphics performance, as well as discrete GPU game and content creation applications, will see no performance impact from the disabling of the optimizations


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