Intel Driver Log Leaks Windows 11 Release Date

The reveal of Windows 11 left many questions answered. With the relatively high hardware requirements, Microsoft snubbed a good chunk of its consumer base, instead promising Windows 10 updates for as long as 2025. In the midst of all these discussions regarding hardware compatibility and legacy device support, few have been asking one major question: When will Windows 11 actually launch?

Intel may have, unintentionally leaked the release date of Windows 11 through a driver log. As per the chipmaker’s driver release notes, the first build of Windows 11 will land in October this year. This has been mentioned by several insiders already, and as such, shouldn’t come as a surprise to those already in the loop.

It’s important to note, that like Windows 10 upgrades, Windows 11 will also be rolled up in phases, with users packing newer hardware getting it first, followed by the rest a few months later. Most users should get the update automatically in early 2022. You should be able to enforce the update via Microsoft’s Windows 11 ISO available on the official website.



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