Intel Core i9-13900KS Specs: Up to 6GHz Boost, 150W Base Power, and 253W Boost Power Consumption

The specifications of the Core i9-13900KS have been spotted, courtesy of HXL. A factory-overclocked variant of the Core i9-13900K, the KS has a base clock of 3.2GHz for the P-cores, up from 3.0GHz on the K. The P-core Turbo Boost Max 3.0 frequency has been bumped up by 100MHz, while the Thermal Velocity Boost is up by 200MHz. These revisions allow the Core i9-13900KS to attain a peak boost clock of 6GHz on the fastest P-core.

A Geekbench 5 benchmark of the Core i9-13900KS has also surfaced on Twitter (Via: Benchleaks). This sample reaches a peak boost of 5,983MHz with an average of 5,878MHz:

The results are quite mediocre. The 13900KS is a mere 3-5% faster than the 13900K in the single-threaded test, with a more respectable 10-12% lead in the multi-threaded benchmark. The Core i9-13900KS, like its predecessor, will come at a hefty price tag of over $700, making it a limited edition part of sorts.


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