Intel Core i9-13900HX Mobile CPU Benchmark Surfaces: Nearly 50% Faster than i9-12900HX [GB5]

A Geekbench 5 result of the Core i9-13900HX has surfaced. Based on the desktop Raptor Lake-S die, the HX series will feature repurposed BGA variants of the chips optimized for high-performance gaming laptops. The 13900HX will consist of 8P cores and 16E cores for a total of 24 cores and 32 threads, a first for notebooks. The Geekbench 5 score puts the multi-threaded capability of the Raptor Lake-HX flagship in perspective. (tatuing)

The 13900HX scores an impressive 20,943 points in the multi-core benchmark, beating the i9-12900HX by a lofty 50% margin. The single-core performance is understandably similar to the 13th Gen part, just a smidge more than its predecessor.

Intel’s 13th Gen mobile platform will consist of two high-performance lineups: 45W Raptor Lake-HK and 55W Raptor Lake-HX. The former will be a refresh of 12th Gen Alder Lake-H with up to 6 “Golden Cove” P cores (1MB L2/core) and 8 “Gracemont” E cores. The performance “P” cores will top at 5.4GHz in lightly threaded workloads with a base TDP of 45W.

Source: Geekbench 5


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