Intel Arc A770 Gets 21% Performance Boost with Driver Update

Intel’s Arc graphics drivers keep getting better and better. The latest Mesa update for the Linux platform substantially improves gaming performance in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The latest version is 21% faster than the month-old variant at 1080p when using the Vulkan API. We’re looking at a 30 FPS uplift from 189.70 FPS to 228.73 FPS (via Phoronix).

Cyberpunk 2077 gets a nominal bump of 2 FPS at 1440p Ultra on the Arc A770, going from 40.6 FPS to 42.39 FPS.

Unigine Superposition gets a 10% boost, going from 252 FPS to 275 FPS over the past month.

VKMARK, although a synthetic, gets a lofty improvement of 43% with the latest Mesa update. The score soars to 6,038, all the way up from 4,207 points before.


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