Intel Arc A770 Flagship GPU Being Prepped for Launch: Support for up to Four 4K Monitors or Two 8K

Intel’s Arc A770 is being prepped for launch next quarter with CEO Patrick Gelsinger and VP Raja Koduri teasing the long-due release on Twitter. The 1st Gen Arc Alchemist GPUs have been repeatedly delayed over the last couple of years on account of immature drivers and the lack of a proper ecosystem. The Arc A770 will be the flagship of its first Xe discrete GPU family.

Featuring 32 Xe cores alongside 32 ray-tracing units for a total of 4,096 ALUs. The GPU core will run at 2.1GHz alongside 18Gbps of GDDR6 memory across a 256-bit bus for a total bandwidth of over 500GB/s. There will be two variants: One with 8GB of memory and the other with 16GB. The former will come with a bandwidth of 512GB/s and the latter 560GB/s. Both SKUs will have a TGP of 225W.

Raja shared the I/O capabilities of the A770. The top-end Alchemist card will support up to four 4K (2160p) or two 8K displays.


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