Intel Alder Lake-T (35W) CPU Specs Leak Out: Efficiency Cores Only at the High-end

The specifications of Intel’s Alder Lake low-power T-series processors have surfaced. Although they’re largely identical to the standard 125W/65W SKUs, there are a few differences other than the lower TDP (35W). For example, the efficiency cores are limited to the two fastest SKUs which is rather ironic considering these are meant for low-power/mini-ITX systems.

CPU NameP-Core CountE-Core CountP-Core Base/ BoostP-Core Boost (All-Core)E-Core Base/ BoostE-Core Boost (All-Core)L3 CacheTDP (PL1)TDP (PL2)
Core i9-12900K883.2 / 5.3 GHz5.0 GHz (All Core)TBA / 3.9 GHz3.7 GHz (All Core)30 MB125W228W
Core i9-12900883.2 / 5.2 GHz4.9 GHz (All Core)TBATBA30 MB65W~200W
Core i9-12900T88TBA / 4.9 GHzTBATBATBA30 MB35WTBA
Core i7-12700K843.6 / 5.0 GHz4.7 GHz (All Core)TBA / 3.8 GHz3.6 GHz (All Core)25 MB125W228W
Core i7-12700843.6 / 4.9 GHz4.6 GHz (All Core)TBATBA25 MB65W~200W
Core i7-12700T84TBA / 4.7 GHzTBATBATBA25 MB35WTBA
Core i5-12600K643.7 / 4.9 GHz4.5 GHz (All Core)TBA / 3.6 GHz3.4 GHz (All Core)20 MB125W228W
Core i5-12600603.7 / 4.8 GHz4.4GHz (All Core)TBATBA18 MB65W~200W
Core i5-12600T60TBA / 4.6 GHzTBATBATBA18 MB35WTBA
Core i5-12500T60TBA / 4.4 GHzTBATBATBA18 MB35WTBA
Core i5-1240060TBATBATBATBA18 MB65W~200W
Core i5-12400T60TBA / 4.2 GHzTBATBATBA18 MB35WTBA
Core i3-12200T40TBA / 4.2 GHzTBATBATBA12 MB35WTBA
Core i3-12100T40TBA / 4.1 GHzTBATBATBA12 MB35WTBA

The Alder Lake 35W T series lineup should launch sometime in early 2022 after the mainstream 125W and 65W SKUs.

Source: Fanless Tech


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