Intel 15th Gen Core i9-15900K Spotted: 24 Cores/24 Threads: No Hyper-Threading or Rentable Units

Update: Intel 15th Gen Core i7-15700K, Core i9-15900K Specs and Release Date.

An Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPU has been spotted in the Linux GNU (courtesy: InstLatX64). Featuring 24 threads with a base clock of 3000MHz, we’re likely looking at the Core i9-15900K or the Core Ultra 9. The fact that the thread count is the same as the core count means that hyper-threading is missing, and with no mention of Rentable Units, Arrow Lake will be a unique lineup, to say the least.

Intel 15th Gen Core i9-15900K

Hyper-threading may have been disabled from the BIOS, but this would be the second time we’ve seen an Arrow Lake sample without active hyper-threading. The previous sample (leaked by YuuKi_Ans) was also a 24-core (8P +16E) chip with no hyper-threading, a 3.5GHz base clock, and a 125W TDP.

Intel 15th Gen Core i9-15900K

The interesting question is whether Arrow Lake will architecturally support hyper-threading, and if so, will it be disabled from the BIOS like AVX512 on early 12th Gen chips? The decision to remove SMT without a suitable replacement feels unnecessary. Was hyper-threading removed because it didn’t provide any tangible performance advantages or because early plans for Rentable Units didn’t pan out?

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