Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs Already Running in Labs, Launching in Late 2024

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S processors are already up and running in the chipmaker’s test labs. Based on the 2nm-class 20A process node, these CPUs will leverage one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies, even superior to most of TSMC’s 3nm-class offerings. However, the launch dates are a little confusing. While the 20A/2nm node is expected to be ready for mass production in 1H 2024, the launch will only occur in the second half.

Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO

Considering that the 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors are landing in December, early 2024 roll-out for the 15th Gen desktop family seems unlikely. Being the “Tock” to Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake will leverage the 20A (2nm) process node for the compute die consisting of the Lion Cove “P” and Skymont “R” cores.

Lunar Lake will launch alongside Arrow Lake in the first half of 2024. Featuring a next-gen NPU (for accelerating AI and neural networks), it’ll succeed Lakefield in the ultra-low power mobility space. Think >14″ ultrabooks, convertibles, and tablets. The core architectures and process nodes are expected to be the same as ARL.

Panther Lake, the successor to Arrow Lake, will adopt the Intel 18A process. Mass production is planned for the first quarter of 2024 alongside the Clearwater Forest cloud chips. Like Meteor Lake, Panther Lake will be a mobility-centric lineup most likely absent from the desktop side. An Arrow Lake-S Refresh with up to 40 cores (8P +32E) is planned as the substitute.

On the server front, Emerald Rapids is already being shipped to clients, with Granite Rapids-SP planned for the second half of 2024/early 2025. Sierra and Granite are expected to feature much higher core counts, boosting ASPs after a series of sluggish quarters for the data center.

Intel Emerald Rapids-SP Spotted: 64 Cores, 448MB of Cache, and Peak TDP of 922W

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