Intel 14th Gen CPUs are now Supported by ASRock and ASUS Motherboards

Motherboard vendors are rolling out firmware updates enabling 14th Gen Core CPU support ahead of the impending fall release. ASUS and ASRock are the latest to join the proceedings, rolling out support for the next-generation processors in addition to additional chipset and I/O features. The Raptor Lake-S Refresh is slated to land in October. The higher-end K-series chips will be rolled out first, followed by the non-K budget offerings from November to December.

ASRock has released 14th Gen CPU support for its B760M PG Sonic WiFi motherboard with the latest firmware release. At the time of writing, this is the only ASRock board to officially support the Raptor Lake-S Refresh. In addition to supporting next-generation processors, this update improves memory compatibility, adding 24GB/48GB high-density DDR5 memory module support and optimizing processor settings.

On the ASUS side, the top-end ROG Maximus Z790 APEX has gotten 14th Gen Core support, improving system stability and compatibility. Like the ASRock update, it also updates Intel ME to the latest version.

The 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh will have the same core and thread specifications as the existing 13th Gen offerings, including an unchanged cache hierarchy. The primary updates include higher boost clocks (+100MHz to +300MHz), support for increased memory speeds, and an enhanced power supply (motherboard). In addition to the existing two, the Raptor Lake Refresh will include a third die with eight P-cores and twelve E-cores.

Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs will integrate the Digital Linear Voltage Regulator (DLVR), improving CPU efficiency by up to 25% and increasing overclocking headroom. You can expect a performance gain of 7%, allowing a 253W SKU like the Core i9-13900K to operate at 189W without sacrificing performance.

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