Intel 14th Gen, 15th Gen, 16th Gen Architectures Detailed: Redwood and Lion Cove; Crestmont and Skymont [Report]

Intel shared additional details of its upcoming client families during its HotChips keynote, including architectural and technical specifications. The 14th and 15th Gen lineups were the focus of the program with a sneak peek of the 16th Gen offerings. Meteor Lake will debut in 2023 starting with the mobility stack, featuring brand new core architectures, namely, Redwood Cove and Crestmont.

In addition to adopting revamped cores, Meteor Lake will also shift from a monolithic to a modular design with a focus on advanced packaging technologies, most notably Foveros (3D stacking) and EMIB. As already shared earlier, the CPU compute tile will be fabbed on the Intel 4 process, the iGPU tile on TSMC’s 5nm node, and the I/O plus SoC on the 6nm N6 lithography.

The 14th Gen Arrow Lake family will be similar to Meteor Lake with a node shrink from 4nm to 2nm (20A) for the compute tile and 5nm to 3nm for the iGPU module. There are rumors about the introduction of new cores as well but these are yet to be verified or officially confirmed. Internally, they are known as Lion Cove (P-core) and Skymont (E-core). From what we’ve heard, the former was developed under the leadership of Jim Keller as part of the Royal Cove project (additional sources needed). Arrow Lake is slated to roll out in 2024 with a focus on the desktop market, meaning more cores and increased boost clocks.

Finally, we have Lunar Lake which will be fabbed on the Intel 1.8nm (18A) process and the TSMC’s 2nm N2 node (iGPU tile). Pretty much nothing is known about the 16th Gen Core family other than it’s being targeted for a 2025-26 launch. Lunar Lake will allegedly be succeeded by Nova Lake in 2026-27.

(Source: CTEE)


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