Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Processors Likely to Launch in October 2022

Intel’s 13th Gen processors are going to land in the last quarter of the year with the 700 series boards set to be unveiled as early as August. This info was leaked by Tom from MLID who claims that Team Blue is going to start showing off its high-end Z790 boards in late July or August. The board validation for the same will begin in August followed by volume production.

The 700 series chipsets will consist of three SKUs namely the higher-end Z790, midrange H770, and the B760. It would seem that the entry-level H710 boards have been scrapped with Raptor Lake’s higher-core counts being aimed at the enthusiast audience. The 600 series boards will be compatible with the 13th Gen lineup as well, albeit with reduced I/O capabilities.

The Z790 motherboards will support PCIe Gen 5 M.2 SSDs but much like AMD’s X670 offerings, some cheaper SKUs will drop it. With validation set to begin in August followed by volume production in September, we’re likely looking at a late October or early November. We should see the Raptor Lake processors launch around the same time.



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