Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU with 24 Cores Spotted: Meet the Core i9-13900K and the Arc A 770

Intel’s 13th Gen flagship has been spotted over at the Userbench database. Featuring a total of 24 cores (8 Raptor Cove HP + 16 Gracemont LP), this processor will be the first consumer (non-HEDT) part to exceed the 16 core mark. The memory subsystem will also be overhauled with 68MB of overall and 36MB of L3 cache. There will be 2MB of L2 cache per performance core and 4MB per efficiency core cluster.

Via: Olrak

The core architectures will be more or less unchanged, and enhancements to the process node (Intel 7) will push the boost clocks to 5.5GHz for the P cores. In a nutshell, we’re just looking at a more core, more cache, and more clocks approach which has become rather common in the industry as of late.


This particular Raptor Lake sample is likely the Core i9-13900K and has a boost clock of 4.6GHz, quite impressive for an engineering sample. Interestingly, the CPU was paired with the Arc A770 dGPU which will lead the Alchemist lineup:

Armed with 32 Ce cores and 4,096 ALUs, the A770 is expected to offer RTX 3060-3060 Ti levels of performance. It will have a 16GB memory buffer paired with a 256-bit bus and have a TGP of over 250W. However, considering the present state of Intel’s drivers, it’s hard to say whether it’ll actually be up to the mark.


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