Intel 12th Gen Core i3 CPU Benchmarks Leak Out: Destroys the Ryzen 3 5350G

We’ve already seen benchmarks of the Core i5-12400 and 12600 over the last couple of months. Now, as CES approaches Intel and its partners are gearing up for the launch of the non-K budget SKUs, most notably the Core i3-12xxx, Core i5-12×00, and the Core i7-12700. The Core i3s are quad-core parts while the i5s are hex-core offerings. A Chinese outlet has already released a basic review of the Core i3-12300 and 12100, plus some comparisons against the Ryzen 3 5350G/4350G and the Ryzen 3 3100:

The Alder Lake-S Core i3s are 20-25% faster than the quad-core Zen 3 APUs in both the single-threaded and multi-threaded segments. Compared to the older Zen 2 offerings, we’re looking at a delta of over 35%. The performance gaps are more or less the same in Cinebench R23, with the Core i3-12300 being even faster in the single-threaded test.

In the CPU-Z SSE benchmark, the Ryzen 3 5350G performs more admirably, being just over 10% slower than the 12300 in the multi-threaded benchmark while falling behind by ~20% in the single-threaded test.

Finally, we have the 3DMark CPU benchmark. Here, once again, the Ryzen 5 5350G trails its Alder Lake rivals by just around 10% in both tests.

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