Graphics Card Price Drops Come to a Halt as Shipments Stop on Account of Crypto-Crash

Graphics card prices have stopped their march to MSRPs amid a sharp reduction in shipments from AICs. Compared to the first week of July, prices this week were more or less the same with AMD parts even seeing a slight northward trend. One of the primary reasons for this halt is the fall in cryptocurrency prices which has forced miners to flood the secondhand market with used hardware.

Source: 3DCenter

Both NVIDIA and AMD don’t want a repeat of the 2019 crypto-hangover, and as such have limited GPU shipments to board partners. Between May 16th and June 20th, graphics card prices fell by a third, and then again by a quarter in the next 15 days. However, over the last two weeks, prices have been largely static as AIBs try to bring the market prices under control.

It’s hard to tell how the next 2-3 weeks will be like for the graphics card market, but I still expect prices to drop by at least 10-20% by the end of August, with a very likely return to MSRP by the end of Q3.


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