Gartner Analysts Suggest Holding off the Windows 11 Upgrade, <10% Ent PC Expected to Adopt it by Early 2023

Analyst firm Gartner has advised consumers to hold off upgrading to Microsoft’s new OS till the software giant fixes the various bugs and instabilities surrounding it. In an email titled “Positioning Windows 11 and Preparing to Delay”, Gartner research vice president Stephen Kleynhans actually sounds optimistic about the new release but suggests delaying the migration till the 21H2 update.

He admits that all the features and added capabilities of Windows 11 could have been incorporated in a feature update for Windows 10, but by calling it 11, MS has created a marketing opportunity for the PC ecosystem that will positively benefit everyone from chipmakers to OEMs, ODMs, and suppliers.

For business, Gartner recommends two steps for the time being. Evaluation and testing of the new update, starting in the first half of 2022, followed by controlled migration among IT and operation teams. This should help develop a familiarity with the new OS, allowing for quicker resolutions after the entire unit takes the leap.

Furthermore, the analysts don’t expect quick adoption among enterprise PCs and businesses. By early 2023, he forecasts that less than 10% of new enterprise PCs will be deployed with Windows 11 pre-installed.

Source: The Register

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