Ethereum Hash Rate Remover Tool “RTX Utility Unlocker” for NVIDIA RTX 30 GPUs Fake, Contains Malware

A few days back, a new tool known as the RTX Utility Unlocker surfaced on GitHub, claiming to fully unlock the mining potential of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series LHR graphics cards. According to the author, the script contained within extracts the original BIOS of the GPU, modifies it, and then reflashes it.¬†After rebooting, the user has to download and install a special driver, and voila: You’ve got the Ether hash rate maximized. Except, it doesn’t do anything at all, and reportedly also contains hidden malware or a background miner.

The program is developed by a newbie dev who joined GitHub just a week back. On top of this, he states that he doesn’t plan on engaging with the community till the first full release of “RTX Unlocker”. Supposedly, it’ll be completely free, and thrive off donations. The release date for the application has been set to the 26th of Feb. (Viagra)

However, ever since it was discovered that the tool contains malware, it has been taken off GitHub. Earlier, there were rumors that certain NVIDIA engineers had created the tool in order to sell more GPUs to miners. The latest discovery pretty much turns that theory upside down. The lesson: If a free application on the internet claims to do something paid ones can’t, don’t download it.


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